Reflexology is a scientific technique of applying pressure to reflexes which encourages the stimulation of the body’s self-healing properties. Its origin dates back several thousand years B.C. and its roots have been traced to countries such as Africa, China, Egypt, and India. Variations of ancient healing art are illustrated in ancient books and journals and are also evident in numerous pictographs over 2000 years old showing Egyptians working on feet and hands to promote good health.

The purpose of reflexology is to promote balance and normalization, reduce tension, revitalize, reactivate and improve the body, by bringing the whole system into harmony and its natural state of good health. The application of pressure on reflexes works by sending stimuli to various organs, glands, and nerves which impact the normal functioning of the whole system.

Tools for your Health and Relaxation

A Reflexology session is simple, safe and rewarding. When you arrive for a session you will explain any concerns about your health that you may have, You'll be offered a refreshing drink of water (good for circulation), sit dressed on the reflexology chair or table, and listen to some relaxing music while the therapist work on your feet. The session can last from 30 to 45 minutes.

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Reflexology is great for Stress Relief

Stress relates to any reaction to a physical, emotional or mental stimulus that affects the body's natural balance. Stress is often seen as psychological or mental problem, but it has a number of very damaging effects. The symptoms of stress are high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, memory loss and depression. Stress often affects the appetite, causing indigestion or bad food reactions in the body leading to constipation or diarrhea because the digestive system either slows or shuts down. Reflexology can help alleviate stress levels that is so common in today's fast pace world.

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